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Dean F. Johnson - Inventor
  1. Our RADIANT CONTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY, affects all hydro-carbon combustion, which includes: gasoline, diesel, ethanol, gasohol, bio-diesel, natural gas, propane, and coal. This technology causes a change in the rate of CO2 and H2O; oxidizing and holding more of the infrared radiance in the flame area (thus the name). This ‘containment’ increases the thermal value during combustion, which reduces pollution.
  2. One of our companies, Flamex Industries, Inc. has been in the combustion enhancement business as a Florida corporation since 1968 (40-years). Flamex markets our technology in the United States, Canada, and Mexico to propane companies for use in the welding supply industry. Flamex also has customers in China, Japan, and Taiwan.
  3. RxP Products, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 to specifically market our technology as RxP Fuel Treatment for internal combustion engines.
  4. Dr. Richard T. Schnieder, former Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Florida, has among his many accolades, NASA’s highest award for scientific achievement. Testing RxP Fuel Treatment, he demonstrated BTU increases as high as 25% in gasoline; 17.9% in diesel, and 13.2% in biomass. These tests were conducted in conjunction with the discovery of the Radiant Containment phenomena.

    He noted: Because hydro-carbons oxidize at different energy wavelengths, the amount of radiant containment will vary in commercial application due to dependency on the degree of molecular penetration. For example; propane produced in the Far East is not as clean as U.S production.
  5. An example of our success is Chrysler’s ability to eliminate stress relief ovens in the manufacture of the U.S. Army Abrams tank. By using our technology to enhance natural gas, the hardness or temper of the metal is not changed. This saves thousands of labor hours and millions of cubic feet of gas. According to a trade journal published report, Chrysler was awarded the Abrams tank contract in a bid against General Dynamic.
  6. We have sold over 3-million bottles of RxP Fuel Treatment to individual consumers through automotive parts stores and small auto mechanic businesses. These customers have used our product to improve the performance of their choice of vehicles, to include passing their State vehicle emissions tests. Our product is 100% guaranteed and our return rate is less than .002%.
  7. RxP Products, Inc., conducting tests in bio-diesel at the USF School of Engineering, demonstrated reduction of NOx by 39%. Bio-diesel normally increases NOx. The demonstration was shown on TV news.
  8. In 2001, our technology out-performed all competing products in the world at the U.S. Air Force testing laboratories by reducing particulates from jet fuel by 52% at cruise power. This test was reported on TV. Purchase orders for product were lost through military personnel duty station rotation changes.
  9. Florida State Senators Jim King, Dennis Jones, and Mike Bennett, foreseeing the energy crises in 2004 arranged a one year test with the Florida D.O.T. Amidst other results, the testing showed a saving of 12.19% of fuel consumption and reduction of NOx to zero. The test results were reported in the Tampa Tribune; October 2005.
  10. A one month test conducted by Suburban Propane in South Carolina, gave a 21.4% fuel savings in furnaces, hot water tanks, and ovens. Tests in gasoline and propane in their service vehicles showed a 12.5% savings.
  11. We have documentation of these positive facts, plus numerous test results conducted by governmental agencies in Canada, China, Greece, Bulgaria, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.
  12. The Canadian Government EPA equivalent, Mobile Sources Emissions Division (MSED), tested our RxP Fuel Treatment (additive) in their vehicle testing laboratory using standard testing protocols employed for this form of evaluation by both Canadian and United States federal governments. The CO2 reduction was a significant 2.5%.

    Please review our web sites; www.deantec.net, www.rxp.com and www.flamex.com. These web sites contain more facts and include video demonstrations which support our positive findings. Our technology can be applied without change of supply infrastructure and costs only a fraction of your savings.

Dean F. Johnson
Inventor, Founder
1921 – 2008

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