Benefits of RxP Fuel Treatment
Gas or Diesel / Land or Marine
A product whose time has come!

Significantly reduce polluting Emissions to near zero
(CO, CO2, HC, VOC’s and NOx)

[Cleaner air]
Increase mpg

[Fuel economy]
De-carbonize combustion chambers, Gas or Diesel

[Cleans engine]
Cleans fuel injectors & catalytic converters

[Preventive Maintenance]
Increase Octane and Cetane without increasing exhaust temperature

[Efficiency and Fuel Economy]
Increase Horsepower as much as 10%

Will not harm sensitive engine parts

[Preventive Maintenance]
Significantly Reduce or Eliminate Black Smoke emissions
Buses, trucks and boats

[Cleaner air]
Enhances bio-fuels: Ethanol, Bio-diesel and Gasohol

[Sustains reduction of
dependency on foreign oil]
Stop engine pinging caused by carbon build-up

Blended from non-carcinogenic hydrocarbons found in petroleum products. Does not contain: solvents, benzene, mineral spirits, alcohol, magnesium, lead or other heavy metals

[Natural petroleum ingredients]
Satisfaction you’ll find once you start using RxP.

RxP Fuel Treatment has been tested in two tests at U.S. EPA approved automotive testing facilities;
the only tests allowed by the U.S attorneys general office to prove claims of emissions reduction:

511 Hot Start Test, May 24, 1988 and 511 Hot 23 Cycle Test, June 6, 1985

Use RxP and Drive Green Daily !