RxP Bottle first time users…Drive Green Daily!

How to use bottled RxP, and what to expect:
RxP Fuel Treatment treats gas or diesel fuels. (Land or Marine)

  1. Always fill the tank before adding RxP, then add one full bottle,
    Do not waste your money by trying to over-treat with more than one bottle.
  2. Drive out each tank down to less than _-tank.
  3. Do that twice, then skip adding RxP at the third fill-up.
  4. Add RxP in the fourth fill-up, and then every other fill-up after that.

Regular use of RxP in every other full tank of fuel will sustain your carbon-free engine, reduced harmful polluting emissions, restored horsepower, and increased mpg. You will also have a smoother, quieter running engine.

RxP starts working within fifteen minutes after you start your engine.

You can also use RxP in fuel for smaller engines, lawn & garden equipment (approximately one capful per gallon). And yes, it will give you the same superb results in all marine engines (mpg = improved marine running time per tank-full).